this uterus and the hard parts of the story

On Friday, September 30th I had some tests done, including a biopsy. On October 5th I was told I had complex endometrial hypoplasia, which is a thickening of the uterine wall. The complex part means it is abnormal and "suspicious" of cancer, even though the biopsy did not show any cancer cells. So, on October … Continue reading this uterus and the hard parts of the story

growing old and unfading glory

It seems that here, in our mid-50's, the aging process has become impossible to ignore. My husband hurt his arm awhile back, and it still hurts. What's that got to do with aging? He hurt it putting on his seat belt. Google says it's probably the rotator cuff. Google knows everything. And seat belts are evil. And then … Continue reading growing old and unfading glory