1624 Ministries

Several name changes later, and here we are, at the heart of what this ministry is to be about – discipleship. Learning to walk as those who belong to Christ and want to obey Him.

Learning to deny ourselves and take up our cross can, at times, be unpleasant (or, extremely, horribly, massively difficult.) Flesh dies hard. It can be made less unpleasant among friends. Let’s build a community of cross bearing disciples!

Coming soon, you’ll find printables to help you during your quiet time, praying the Word of God, and doing short, personal bible studies. I’ll also be putting up short video devotionals.

Go to the Facebook page and like, follow – do all the things. You can also subscribe to the weekly devotional. And while you’re at it, you may as well follow this blog so you’ll know when I post something new. What’s one more thing to follow, right?

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