Small Group

At first, the idea of leading a small group (called Lifegroup in my church) was intimidating. What on earth would I do every week with a group of women? Thankfully, I have a co-leader who takes care of details. She is my ‘communications director’, making sure the women are reminded of group each week, sending them any special instructions, etc. She also plans our fun nights, which we have once a month, and keeps the calendar updated. I would be lost without her! So what do I do? I plan the worship (create playlist for the night, print out lyric sheets), and I do the majority of the teachings. And together we minister to our small band of women in our corner of the world. 

I created this space on my blog so that I can share about this part of my life, but also to share ideas with anyone else who may be leading a small group. Feel free to contact me with questions, or to share things you are doing in your group that would be applicable to a group of women (mostly divorced or widowed, but a few are married).

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