About Karla Jo


I have no credentials. I am not a college graduate. I’m not the president or founder of anything. I am a writer, but not an author (yet). I do not have a schedule of speaking engagements.

There, that’s out of the way. Now you know the short list of who I’m not. There is a longer list, but who cares about all that, really?

Here is who I am:  I am a follower of Christ. Daughter of the King of everything. I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother (YaYa). Sister, daughter, friend. I live in Waco, Texas and I can’t fall asleep unless I’m wearing socks.

I write far more comfortably than I talk. In a perfect world, I would engage in conversation solely by passing notes.

I spent most of my life feeling and believing that I was less than, and like I just didn’t fit in anywhere. I wasn’t just uncomfortable around other people, I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

I always felt best when I was alone. That too made me feel strange, or somehow wrong. I’ve since learned that my need for alone time is because I am a high introvert, not because there’s something wrong with me that needs to be fixed. I’ve also learned that I am made for community, so while times of being alone are necessary for me to refuel, staying alone is unhealthy.

In 1989, Jesus caught the heart He had been pursuing, and I have been following Him home ever since. Along the way, I discovered a calling to minister primarily to women in the Church. Through the years I have met and become friends with some extraordinary women. All of them flawed, all of them in the process of becoming more like Jesus, just like me. Through these friendships, I have learned to trust others with my real self. They taught me what it looks like to be part of a community, how to work through confrontation or difficulties without walking away from the relationship. I’ve learned to worship, pray, care for others, fight for others, and to have fun, all because I have been part of a company of women who love Jesus. Women scattered around the country but still settled very much in my heart.

While I do love the face to face life of ministering to and being friends with women, I feel most alive (and in my comfort zone) when I am creating something with words. This is where I get to tell you what God is speaking to me and doing in me, and encourage you to move closer to Him, to trust Him because He is trustworthy. So I hope you will hang around a bit and find something that encourages you, makes you laugh or cry or just want to know Him more.

Welcome to my words. Let’s be friends!