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Here is what I’m passionate about in this little corner of the internet…

  • Writing. My preferred method of communication, by far. I love the process of writing, the creativity of it, and the power that words have to encourage, remind, heal, and teach. I pray I use them well.
  • Scripture. For me, the bible is all of the word pictures people use for it…my daily bread, the air that I breathe, the sword in my hand. I have learned, the hard way for the most part, that I simply cannot live without the Word of God.
  • The Church. That small gathering of disciples that multiplied and began to fill the earth. Us. The one anothers. Disciples that Jesus calls His Body and His Bride. Salt and light. Beloved children and the redeemed of God. Like those early followers of Christ, we can be raw and real and an absolute mess. But we are family, we are loved and we are His.

Want to know more?

Word of God Speak – a weekly devotional based on a passage of scripture. It is designed to help us get into the Bible every week and listen for His voice. I promise, your in-box will not get bombarded, and I will never sell or give away your address.

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