this is how He captured my heart

It amazes me that I can read passages that I've read many times before, and still see something new. This chapter is full of familiar stories of healing and confrontation, but in the midst of all that He is saying and doing, I find the heart and character of Jesus. And my own heart is… Continue reading this is how He captured my heart

In the Word, Just Me

my heart in the song

I recently experienced a bit of a traumatic event, which I fully intend to blog about very soon. But it left me fearful and sent me into a seclusion of sorts, even from (especially from) God. So this morning I opened my bible and put on a worship song. And then I was on my… Continue reading my heart in the song

In the Word

i need to know

The news spread. People were bringing others with them, and soon there was quite a crowd. There were sick people everywhere...because they had heard. People in pain, some having seizures, some paralyzed. And, really? Yes, really. The demon possessed were there. Oh, it was all very messy. Very unsanitary. Strangely enough, He didn't seem the least bit… Continue reading i need to know