this is how He captured my heart

It amazes me that I can read passages that I've read many times before, and still see something new. This chapter is full of familiar stories of healing and confrontation, but in the midst of all that He is saying and doing, I find the heart and character of Jesus. And my own heart is… Continue reading this is how He captured my heart

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ten times in eighteen verses

Matthew 6:1-18 At first glance, that mountainside sermon is exactly what so many expect of God. A list of do's and do not's. But I've sat here listening on repeat for days, hearing the same phrase over and over. your Father. Ten times in eighteen verses He uses these words (once He says our Father,… Continue reading ten times in eighteen verses

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faith has to move

It came to me as I stood on the chair, almost cutting off my head in the ceiling fan blades. Maybe not cutting off really, but the thwack of even a dull fan blade would have hurt. Anyway, that's when it hit me. Right up there on the chair, in my little prayer room, as… Continue reading faith has to move

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i drank from a garden hose and it doesn’t matter

"One generation will commend Your works to another..." I am one of the generation who grew up in the 60's and 70's. Free love that was never really free. An anti-war generation that rallied for peace while fighting an internal war by escaping down psychedelic rabbit holes. There is so much that my generation can… Continue reading i drank from a garden hose and it doesn’t matter

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i need to know

The news spread. People were bringing others with them, and soon there was quite a crowd. There were sick people everywhere...because they had heard. People in pain, some having seizures, some paralyzed. And, really? Yes, really. The demon possessed were there. Oh, it was all very messy. Very unsanitary. Strangely enough, He didn't seem the least bit… Continue reading i need to know

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leave me broken

Once I was dead. But You found me and made me alive. I came up, like a miner from the underground, squinting at the suddenness of light. You washed me in blood, healed the sickness of shame, and convinced me of love. So much. You've done so much. I see it.  Mostly in glances stolen… Continue reading leave me broken

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exposed expectations

Who is like God? "No one!" I shout without hesitation. I'm smart enough to know the right answer to a question like that. So then let me rephrase it. Who do I expect to be like God?  And that's the question that makes my heart start to squirm. Before I go on, let me just say something up… Continue reading exposed expectations