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gun(out of) control

I try not to get entangled in the affairs of man, in the political system or the endless debates of right vs left. So I rarely comment on those types of posts, and I certainly avoid writing about them myself. But sometimes, you know. Sometimes a thing is just too big to ignore. Sometimes what's… Continue reading gun(out of) control

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i need Jesus (my prayer for deeper)

"I need 2018 to be different." That's what I said to God in the last hours of 2017. I said it to Him because I know it's pointless to say it to myself. With age comes experience and I have experienced enough broken promises to myself, so I've stopped making them. Promises. Resolutions. Whatever. They… Continue reading i need Jesus (my prayer for deeper)

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dear friend

Dear Friend, I prayed for you last night and before I could really say much at all He showed me a picture and gave me words. "That horse was made to run, but he fights the narrow place that is the starting gate, because he can't see beyond it. He fights the narrow place because he… Continue reading dear friend


i prayed today

So this morning I turned a table over. I prayed. I didn't see angels or hear the Hallelujah chorus. I just slipped into the secret place and I talked to the One who was waiting for me there. Waiting to show me something. "She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for… Continue reading i prayed today

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my money changers

I don't know how to write about it so I'll just put down words and see if they make sense. I think there are money changers in the temple that is me.'s that for a start? Every time I walk into my prayer room that hasn't heard much prayer lately, I see my prayer… Continue reading my money changers