genesis 20: fear

Big picture:  God called Abraham to become the father of many nations, to be a prophet and a patriarch, and to father the line that would bring forth the Messiah.  Within the scenes that make up that big picture, we see Abraham’s humanity, particularly his fear of man.  Abraham’s trust and faith in God to … Continue reading genesis 20: fear

genesis 18: impossible

{Side note: Sarah laughed to herself. And yet, her laugh was heard. We should bear in mind that God hears what we keep others from hearing. He hears our unbelief even when we don’t speak it out loud.} To Sarah, God’s promise had been delayed so long, it was no longer possible. However, where no … Continue reading genesis 18: impossible

genesis 17: promise

When Abram was 75 years old, God promised him children. Twenty-four years passed since that conversation, and then God appeared. “I am God Almighty..." And what would a man do but fall on his face? God wants Abram to know that He hasn't forgotten His promise and, in fact, is now going to require him … Continue reading genesis 17: promise

genesis 16: return

Interesting, hard chapter in the story. So many emotions and dynamics going on. Sarai's desperation for a child. The injustice against Hagar. Abram's unwillingness to mediate, with his "do what you want with her" attitude. Hagar's contempt for a woman who would have her bear a child she would then have to hand over. Sarai's … Continue reading genesis 16: return