genesis 14: rescue

Sat with this chapter for a long time, letting hard to pronounce names wash over me. I wanted to see God, so I sat and read and waited. Four kings went against five kings and four kings won. They took everything, including Lot and all of his possessions. Lot had chosen to pitch his tent… Continue reading genesis 14: rescue

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ten times in eighteen verses

Matthew 6:1-18 At first glance, that mountainside sermon is exactly what so many expect of God. A list of do's and do not's. But I've sat here listening on repeat for days, hearing the same phrase over and over. your Father. Ten times in eighteen verses He uses these words (once He says our Father,… Continue reading ten times in eighteen verses

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2:00 a.m. and my heart is full

My little office/prayer room. Couch, cozy blanket. Candles burning, filling the room with the smell of cinnamon. Bibles, books  and journals spilled out onto the couch. (All Sons and Daughters are singing Called Me Higher. Makes me close my eyes and sway to the sound.) My bible is next to me, a worn but comfortable friend.… Continue reading 2:00 a.m. and my heart is full