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genesis 12: trust

We have to put ourselves in a place called Haran, which is now in ruins in Turkey. We have to stand with a man named Abram and hear God tell him to go. To leave his home, his father, leave what is familiar and… Continue Reading “genesis 12: trust”

bad tap dancer

“Will God be mad at me if I…”? She was being pressured to convert to another religion to please the man who says he loves her. As I waited for the oil change I had come there for, she sat on the floor, waiting… Continue Reading “bad tap dancer”

faith has to move

It came to me as I stood on the chair, almost cutting off my head in the ceiling fan blades. Maybe not cutting off really, but the thwack of even a dull fan blade would have hurt. Anyway, that’s when it hit me. Right… Continue Reading “faith has to move”

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