genesis 21: flesh or promise

From promise given to promise fulfilled: 25 years. Had they stopped waiting? Were they satisfied with their version of the promise they named Ishmael? Didn't they know that a God-promise is not fueled by human power? So the son of promise is here, being birthed in the place where the son of flesh (Ishmael) is … Continue reading genesis 21: flesh or promise

broken and whole

She showed me her little clay pot that was a lovely shade of blue. I was surprised at how beautiful it was. Beautiful and cracked. Broken and whole. Jagged lines ran up and down and sideways all over it. It wasn't hard to figure out what had happened. Because when something has been broken and put back shows.  It … Continue reading broken and whole

to the church I’m leaving

I had been saved for four years, but had not been in a church yet. My prodigal husband had just returned to God. The service had already started when we walked into a little church, and peered through the closed sanctuary doors. I was shocked by what I saw. People clapping, hands raised, and, *gasp*, … Continue reading to the church I’m leaving