we’ve got better things to talk about

The shift has been subtle. My view slowly changing, steps receding, pupils dilating to take in more light, see bigger. I think God is doing something, but it’s like having a mouth full of meat. I keep chewing and chewing, trying to taste and talk at the same time. So for the next few moments, just ignore the sound of me trying to swallow something that is too big for me.

The headlines should be enough. They tell me all I need to know, but then there’s the ‘click’ as I go in to get all the details. Because we all have our magnifying glass in our hands, like children on the ground trying to see the smallest parts of our world. So we move in on the stories of horror and grief and mankind slipping further and further into an abyss of madness, and we try to pretend we are staying informed but not affected. Like traipsing through the muck of our current culture and having incessant discussions about the latest acceptable deviance isn’t doing anything to our hearts.

(But it is, you know.)

And I see God’s people sifting through the garbage dump. Horrified by what we see, but unwilling to look away. Pointing and announcing how unacceptable the garbage is, as though the rest of us need to be convinced. Sometimes it feels like the only thing we talk about is how dark the darkness is becoming. And how the darkness doesn’t line up with God’s word.

(as though it used to but now, oh the terrible times we live in now)

But I feel the shifting, don’t you? God calling His people to look up. To set our eyes on Him. To remember. To stop trying to convince the garbage dump that it is full of both garbage and the disapproval of God. To stop trying to convince the world that God is on our side and not theirs.

(as though God so loved us and not the world)

Let’s get off the ground. Stop examining the dirt. Look up and get some perspective.

Evil exists. Depravity abounds. People are doing things and believing things that are ungodly. We can stop looking so surprised and appalled. And afraid.

(we have nothing to fear. nothing.)

I don’t want to be filled with righteous indignation because some man is demanding the right to be a woman. There’s nothing wrong with being aware of what’s going on, but I don’t need to give it the attention it wants.  It’s a conversation for my prayer closet, not a threat to my faith, or to the Church.

{And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.} Matthew 16:18

I want to be filled with wonder as I watch God pursue the heart of my co-worker. I want to be giddy over what He is doing through local ministries bringing His hope to the broken. I want to shout for joy because He is answering prayers for family and friends. I want harvest parties when hard sowing bears beautiful fruit. I want to go deep into the stories of how God is loving people, showing mercy, rescuing sinners and making them saints.

I feel Him tugging. Gently urging us to our feet, from peering at the dirt as though dirt is something new.

Anyone can look at a garbage dump and talk about the garbage. But we are the children of God. We recognize Him when others cannot. We know what it looks like when He is moving. We know His handprint when we see it. We are the ones who know Him, know that He is moving in the earth, healing, delivering, saving. We have the spiritual eyes to see Him pursuing people, drawing them to turn around and follow Him. We are those who know that God is showing love to the least and compassion to the hurting. Remaining faithful and not walking away when it gets messy and hard.

We know He is not shouting at the garbage, but reaching in and pulling people out of it. One at a time. Drawing them with His kindness, not His wrath.

We are the only ones who can see what our Father is doing, and do it with Him.

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