believing for wonderful

Different. Wrong. Abnormal. Words that describe how I have felt most of my life.

aloneThe struggle to feel right, or normal. Always, every day, in every circumstance, I felt different, somehow wrong inside. I never fit in anywhere. I didn’t belong. I was just small when someone did things to me they should not have done and told me not to tell and something inside of me shifted sideways and I never again felt what most people want to feel. Normal, right, okay…whatever words you want to use, I never felt any of them. I still don’t, but most people wouldn’t know it. It’s like walking around with a low-grade fever all the time. You’re the only one who knows there’s something wrong.

I never understood it, never knew what it was, I just knew it was there. It was how I lived my life. And it wore me out. But God knew and God cared so He reached out and touched something and it all came rushing out like dirty water. It came rushing out and when it did He named it shame and I knew, just knew, He was right.

And because He is good He had begun preparing me before any of this surfaced. He laid my eyes on Psalm 139:14 and something in me caught its breath as He asked me “when did it stop being true?”. I was still turning it over and over in my hands and in my head days later when the rushing like dirty water came up and out.

“I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” 

…and I knew the words I had laid my eyes on were a sword I was going to have to pick up. Because it cuts through shame and it severs the lie right out of any heart that is willing to believe with a let-go-and-fall-back kind of trust. Because it never stopped being true, not for a moment. Not before, and not after the thing that broke something inside of me. Nothing I did and nothing that was done to me turned Psalm 139:14 into a lie. Nothing.

fearfully. yare’. ‘in a wonderful manner’, or ‘wonderfully’…

wonderfully made. palah. ‘to be distinct, be separated, be distinguished, to be set apart. To be wonderful’.

(And I laugh as I see ‘wonderfully made to be wonderful’, and then I try not to cry as I hear Him whisper…)

“Beloved, you have wonderful all over you.”

(And you should laugh and then try not to cry because He’s talking about you and not just me.)


I am a work of God and therefore I am wonderful, and I will say it and say it until it rings true in my heart. Because wielding the sword is not done well unless it is done often. Over and over, until the lie is dead and truth lives in its place.

I will praise Him for what He has made.

I don’t know what you are dealing with or what broke something inside of you. I don’t know if you carry shame or if it is something else that makes you feel somehow wrong inside. I don’t know what lies you are believing. 

   Not good enough      Not pretty enough      Not smart enough  
  Unlovable     It’s all your fault      Not normal    
Unacceptable      Failure    Tainted   Used      Wrong
Bad      Stupid      Broken     Too much      Too little
 And it all goes down easy. We take it in and live our lives by it and never break a sweat.  A lie is spoken and it sounds just right to us so we take it and claim it and we let it call the shots.

But the truth is turned over in our hands, peered at from every angle, almost with suspicion.  And when finally we choose to believe that truth, it’s hard and we weep because we want so badly to believe it and it’s probably true for others but not for me, but we must choose. We must, no matter how hard, no matter how suspicious it seems, we must choose to let go and fall back into ‘fearfully and wonderfully‘ made. Because we want to be free.

Our hearts can easily memorize a lie but must work hard to remember truth and this is life in a fallen world.

It takes great effort to live by the truth.


Over and over…until you know this full well…

You are a wonderful work of God.

breaking_chains.208145743_std“For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.” 

Psalm 139:13-16

10 thoughts on “believing for wonderful

  1. Beauty out of pain! Only our God can transform us like this! Your words paint pictures that reach into places in my heart; severing the lie and planting deep truths! Thank you for sharing your heart!


  2. There is always one scripture that provided the pivoting point in our lives…the one that someone or God Himself has led to us, put in front of us, or brought to mind from a memory long ago that we may have never even knew we read or heard before…..This was yours. Whether it came to you years ago, or 10 minutes ago, it is yours. Mine was 2Timothy 1:7…..and I have to say it over and over and over and over each and every day. I will add this one to it, so that when I repeat my pivotal scripture I know WHY….it is because of yours.


  3. I’m back…and I have to add that I am imaging your Daddy, God, all those years ago…seeing the future, allowing the pain, and yet fashioning his strategies of hope and renewal and freedom. Placing the gift of expression through writing inside of you and knowing that some day, some day, you would rise up and wield, not only the sword that is the Word of God, but the sword of the pen. Knowing that every strategy of the enemy would backfire!


  4. powerful!! Oh my, you are a master at word craft! And this hits me like a well placed punch to the stomach…ok, I have to go read it 10 more times and savor it for a few days. Thanks for your transparency! I love when Daddy takes the lies and the wounds and redeems them and fashions them into powerful weapons that turn on the enemy and set more captives free! Haaaaa! Viiiiiictory!


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