today, live

hands with cups“I just haven’t figured out what I want to do with my life!”, she said as she sat across from me.  A beautiful young woman of God, with a number of options in front of her, feeling the pressure of the “plan”.

I am learning to listen more than speak, so I nod in understanding while the words well up in my heart. I knew they would probably spill out here. Here, I would say all the words I didn’t say in that moment.

Shhh. Don’t. Don’t become pressurized by the need for a plan. I know that’s what it seems you should do, have some kind of plan for your future. I know we live in a culture of savings plans, IRA’s, 401(k)’s and dream homes. I know your contemporaries have already named their future children and decided where they will retire. I know that you are young but not getting any younger and that thing called ‘future’ is hanging heavy over you. I know all of that, but I know so much more than that. Listen to me for just a moment.

The plan for your life is already in motion. It is God’s plan and it began before you did. 

Stop scanning the horizon searching for your future. It is where it should be, held in the hand of God. You will not change what is in His hand by squinting into the distance, worrying and stressing over what you should do. 

Stop straining. Relax. He has given you today and today is the plan so today, just live.

breadoflifeToday, breathe in the moments of His plan. Today, take the bread held out to you and give Him thanks and break it and give it away. Today give out love like there is no tomorrow because tomorrow has not been promised but today is here. 

Today you are His and under His care and following His steps and tomorrow they may lead somewhere new but where are they leading you today? 

Today you are here, so here is where you should be. The plan is working. The plan is just fine. Tomorrow it may look different but tomorrow is over there, where you cannot see it and worrying about it won’t open your eyes to see what can’t be seen yet, now will it?

Today, live. You are following Jesus and today Jesus is here. 

So, beautiful one. Here is your plan:  follow your Savior. He knows where to take you, and how to get you there. He left none of that up to you. Your future is kept by Him, not planned by you.

Yes, those are the words I would say to her. Because I am older now but once I was younger and I too felt the need for a plan.

I could never have planned what God planned.  

And now, as tomorrows come so much faster than they did then, I see things differently. I see that I missed too many todays because I was worrying about too many tomorrows. Opportunities to love, to forgive, to be healed, lay unused at my feet because I was looking for what God had in His hand.

lunch-calendarI have lunch planned with a friend this coming Thursday. Next week may not happen the way it’s written on my calendar. Life will probably not happen the way you have planned.

So today, live. 

“‘ For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'” – Jeremiah 29:11

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” – Matthew 6:34

5 thoughts on “today, live

  1. I read these words this morning in the middle of a verse in Jeremiah: ‘The Lord will fulfil all His plans.’ (Jeremiah was speaking about Babylon at the time but those words just leapt off the page at me.)


  2. oh, I hate that it always posts as anonymous…surely this page knows me by now? Well, just for now, I will tell you, I am a very dissappointed Jayhawk fan and have lost the bragging rights fight!


  3. I make plans all the time…every morning…and of course I fail at most of them. I may finish one thing on my list. But I do know that if God would just let me in on His plan for me, I might be able to get things going a little faster…so, I keep listening, reading, waiting on Him. Meanwhile He is busy making my plans moot and moving right along with His. Grant it, He is a bit more organized than I am and a whole lot more patient than I am, so it is a good thing He is in charge of my life and not me.


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