first love

Love-Day-PS1180-770x398“I know your works, your labor, and your endurance, and that you cannot tolerate evil…You have persevered and have endured hardships for my name, and have not grown weary.  Yet I hold this against you: You have abandoned the love you had at first.” – Revelation 2:2, 3-4

You’ve done good things, endured much for My name. You haven’t given up the fight, and you hate what I hate. On the outside, all is well. But.

Love. ἀγάπη. Agape. Denotes the love which springs from admiration and [reverence], and which chooses its object with decision of will, and devotes a self-denying and compassionate devotion to it. Love in its’ fullest conceivable form. (Bullinger’s Critical Lexicon and Concordance to the English & Greek New Testament)

This is not an outside kind of love. It’s the love that accompanied your first ‘yes’ to Me, full of fire and hope. It’s the devoted love, the love that doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, the love that made you want to risk everything for Me. In the beginning, that love was the reason for everything you did.

Come back to your first love.

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