genesis 6: details

I came home one day and my husband had bought a huge painting and hung it in our living room. I’m talking about a 5-foot by 4-foot painting, and it took me about twenty minutes to notice it. My husband can tell you what kind of car each of our neighbors drives, whether or not they wear glasses, and how often they cut their grass. I couldn’t tell you any of that. Unless it involves words on paper, I don’t notice details. Even really big ones, apparently.

Perhaps that’s why the fact that God is so detailed in this chapter stood out to me. The measurements of the ark. The materials for the ark. Where the door will be, how many levels the ark would have. How many animals would be coming into the ark. God really didn’t leave a whole lot for Noah to figure out.

I love that God doesn’t paint with a broad brush. Did you know that there are over 100 prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament, many of them giving details of His death on the cross? And the building of the Temple – full of details.

My point is this: God sees details. He’s not missing one small thing that is happening in your life or in your heart. Nothing will be overlooked by Him.

What are the details of your life that you assume go unseen?

Fingernails bitten down to the quick because that’s how you respond to stress.

The sadness that washes over you just for a moment when you’re reminded of something, or someone.

The little things that make you who you are that others don’t notice, or particularly care about, like the way you tear up when you watch the sunrise.

The bits and pieces of shame, embarrassment, and insecurity that you tuck away, out of sight, and the way you laugh to cover up your fear. The longings. The dreams you don’t dare dream out loud. The wishes and the regrets.

Details matter to God, including yours.

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