flight of the bumblebee, a/k/a me on a walk

Today’s walk was an interesting revelation for me.  It brought new meaning to the following scripture –

1Peter 4:7 ~ “Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray.”

You’ll understand after you spend a few minutes in my head during my walk:
“Ahhh. Thank you Lord for this beautiful day, and this opportunity to pray for my neighbors. I want to lift up the family in that hou…” “Really? Dude. Buy a muffler.” “Sorry Lord.” “Mmm. This breeze feels so nice. I love trees. Your creation is so beautif…” “OMG…that guy really wore black socks with sandals to water his lawn! I wonder if it would be rude to take a picture with my phone. Maybe I could take it without him even notic…” “Sorry Lord. Oh…those birds sound so nice! It’s like they’re singing to each other.” “Wow my hips are starting to hurt”. “Lord, I pray for the family in that house. I see the mother sometimes, and she always looks so sad, and…” “Dang..stupid mosquitoe bites. It’s hard to walk and pray when I keep having to stop and scratch. Oooh. That would be a funny bumper sticker”. “Ohhhh, there’s a squirrel! Jesus, You know how much I love squirrels! You are so good to me…” “Whoa…lady. You apparently got interrupted while getting dressed, didn’tchya? Forget to go back to it?”…”Oh man, I just love that tree. It’s so majestic and beautiful. It’s a reminder of You, Lord, every time I walk pas…” “Oh gross. A dead bird. Aw man…someone should clean that up.” “Lord, thank You for summer. I love this time of year! The warmth of the sun on my face, it’s just so wonderf…” “Oh my…you’re a strange looking little dog now aren’t you? Poor thing.” “Whew. Almost home. I love taking these walks with You Lord! We’ll do it again tomo…” “Awww. Look at the cute little girl in her sassy pink flip flops! I can’t wait to be a grandma!”…

See what I mean?

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