genesis 20: fear

Big picture:  God called Abraham to become the father of many nations, to be a prophet and a patriarch, and to father the line that would bring forth the Messiah.  Within the scenes that make up that big picture, we see Abraham’s humanity, particularly his fear of man.  Abraham’s trust and faith in God to… Continue reading genesis 20: fear


we’re made for this

The story is this: disciples were sent ahead of Jesus, in a boat. Around 3 a.m. they see someone walking on the sea toward them, and think their eyes must be tricking them. Then the Someone speaks that He is Jesus, don't be afraid. {When the storm is building, listen closely.  "Have courage. It is… Continue reading we’re made for this


i can live with that – part one

At the same time the Benjaminites did not drive out the Jebusites who were living in Jerusalem. The Jebusites have lived among the Benjaminites in Jerusalem to this day. {Judges 1:21} I could go on about how I was in the book of Judges with no idea why I chose to go there. How I… Continue reading i can live with that – part one


what has to happen for His word to be true

All the writer people are doing it, and something in me that wants to be counted among the writer people set out to do it too. Put fingers to keys and let flow something profound about the birth of Jesus. So I flipped over to Luke chapter 2 and got ready. But I never got… Continue reading what has to happen for His word to be true

Blog, Just Me

this uterus and the hard parts of the story

On Friday, September 30th I had some tests done, including a biopsy. On October 5th I was told I had complex endometrial hypoplasia, which is a thickening of the uterine wall. The complex part means it is abnormal and "suspicious" of cancer, even though the biopsy did not show any cancer cells. So, on October… Continue reading this uterus and the hard parts of the story

In the Word, Prayer

dear friend

Dear Friend, I prayed for you last night and before I could really say much at all He showed me a picture and gave me words. "That horse was made to run, but he fights the narrow place that is the starting gate, because he can't see beyond it. He fights the narrow place because he… Continue reading dear friend

In the Word, Just Me

what do you do when the road bends?

Life is sweet on the straight road, even if the road is narrow. Yes, the straight and narrow is easy travelling. Pick up and put down those feet because I see where I'm going and the view is wide on this narrow road. The plan filled with all my "someday" things is in hand and… Continue reading what do you do when the road bends?