In the Word

bringing down an idol

It came unexpectedly, as it often does. She was praying a prayer of repentance for her idolatry. I was agreeing with her turning away when suddenly her voice faded and I was hearing God. And now, days later, I am still hearing Him and He is not speaking of her and her idolatry but of… Continue reading bringing down an idol

In the Word, Prayer

my money changers

I don't know how to write about it so I'll just put down words and see if they make sense. I think there are money changers in the temple that is me.'s that for a start? Every time I walk into my prayer room that hasn't heard much prayer lately, I see my prayer… Continue reading my money changers

In the Word

it’s time to jump

I only jumped one time. That was enough. When I take my mind back to that moment, I can still feel the fear. I saw others jump with ease, and go right back for more. I knew I could swim. I knew that the water was safe. I believed the mechanics of jumping, that if… Continue reading it’s time to jump


for you i pray

I wanted to tie 2012 up in a nice bow, bid it a fond goodbye, wax poetic about lessons learned and new beginnings and such. But my heart keeps turning away from all of that, bidding my mind to stop chattering long enough to just listen. And the weight of what I hear bends my… Continue reading for you i pray

In the Word

beautiful words

"You will be with child and give birth to a son...". Suddenly, life was different than she thought it would be. Mary was blessed, highly favored, a virgin planning to be married and live the life of a carpenter's wife. She may have been dreaming of her wedding, perhaps even nervous about her wedding night. And… Continue reading beautiful words

In the Word, Just Me

after the car wreck

Yesterday was the worst day so far, since the accident. My husband and I went out to run an errand. I held his hand. In a death grip. With the other hand I held the arm of the door with that same death grip. Throughout the ride I gasped and cringed, even though my husband was driving… Continue reading after the car wreck

In the Word

my etch-a-sketch life

1 Chronicles 28:1-9 The gathering was massive. Thousands of men had been summoned to listen to their king.  As I often like to do, I placed myself among them to hear and see as they did. I was among men who loved, served and fought for this man, King David. If you are at all… Continue reading my etch-a-sketch life