“Karla was incredibly well-spoken and offered such clarity and wisdom in her teaching that there is no doubting that she is a devout woman of God – full of the Holy Spirit. She speaks of the Kingdom of God and the nature of God with an authority that inspires! She embodies humility: as much as she is a teacher it is clear she is forever a student! Her guidance on the daily discipline of spending time with God and reading scripture was a simple epiphany that has transformed the way I am developing my relationship with Jesus. I am confident that anyone who has the opportunity to hear her story will leave convicted of her faith, and desire the same in their own lives.” ~ Kathleen S.

“Karla has a unique speaking gift that both brings you into her story with her authenticity and humor and at the same time challenges my own as she crafts her thoughts with scriptural accuracy. Her arrows of truth hit the mark every time, the bulls’ eye being others’ hearts where they need to be awakened, challenged or loved! Thank you Karla for all your passion for God’s message of Love, Forgiveness and Hope!” ~ Sherry M.

“I have been privileged to sit under Karla’s teaching through various events, and each time, I am captivated and engaged. The depth and the power of Karla’s teaching is evident that the Spirit is alive and at work in her, anointing her in a unique and amazing way! She is a gifted teacher, and I have gained much wisdom and perspective from her teachings. She has an incredible way of drawing you in with stories that make you both laugh and cry, and I have always appreciated her vulnerability to share her own stories and struggles and victories. She has a keen ear for the Spirit’s promptings, which is shown through her teaching. She should be sharing her stories and teachings everywhere…lives will be changed!!! She is truly blessed and gifted in this area. And I am blessed to have heard her teach!” ~ Sarah S.

“I have been blessed to hear Karla teach many times. The insight and wisdom she shares come from a love for Christ and a passion for His word. Her excitement and commitment to follow Christ is contagious!” ~ Cheryl W.

“I have always been impacted by Karla’s deep love of God’s Word. Combine that with clear but humorous communication and a willingness to be vulnerable and that’s what you receive when Karla speaks. She always inspires!” ~ Pam A.

“God’s love and truth shine through Karla’s teachings! I’ve witnessed her teaching and have left inspired, hopeful, and wanting MORE. She also is a gifted writer and gives the reader something to hold onto with every blog post. One of my favorite “Karla testimonies” is how she helped a dear friend of mine return to her broken marriage, with hope. By following Karla’s obedience to allow God to work, she now has a marriage that’s flourishing! Karla is one of the most down to earth, REAL people you will ever meet. I’m anxiously awaiting her first novel.” ~ Katie M.

“I have seen Karla grow from a young Christian to a wise, mature, prophetic woman of God. The way she “shares” her heart (aka teaching) has a sweet mix of story, humor, humility and the heart and word of God. I always look forward when she teaches, as I know I will get a nugget for me and that my heart and my head will be engaged. She prays, ministers, and speaks a word from God. Besides all that, she is a complete blast as we can laugh and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She is a great example of living the abundant life; holding the bitter and the sweet up to Jesus to make it pure gold. God is using her yielding to bless many and encourage them to live it all for Him.” ~ Sheri B.

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