something is changing and we need to hear about it

Sit for a minute. I want to share what God is doing in me, because I bet He’s doing something in you too and we need the stories of what He’s doing, don’t you think? Because there is stuff going down all over the place and we’ve chased that storm long enough and now it’s time. Time to fix our eyes on Jesus and see what’s shifting on the inside.

For me, it’s become late night worship sessions that leave me face down with a desire for more. For closer. For deeper and wider and just more. As much as I can get. Remembering that His presence is better than anything else and I am made for this presence.

It’s remembering the cry of my own heart for over 25 years – “Where are You going and what are You doing and can I come with You?” What happened to that cry? Where did my desire to be with Him go? I wonder if responsibility took it. Or weariness. Could have been self-sufficiency. I don’t know, but what I do know is God has been shifting things in my heart and I feel shaking happening and I think whatever took my overwhelming desire for His presence has been forced to give it back. I’m becoming consumed again and it’s so good, so painfully good.

There’s a fresh urgency to prayer. To stand on the wall and in the gap and to stay awake and pray. To declare His Word and hear His voice and sense His presence in the place of prayer for those around me. It’s the pressing of the Holy Spirit to prioritize prayer. Stop putting it at the end and put it at the start. The throne room is holy and grace and mercy are flowing from it. The One who sits on that throne has all power and all authority and He inclines His ear to hear us speak. He’s telling me to pray like that’s true again.

Things are changing and shaking and shifting and I am waking up from a sleep I didn’t know I had fallen into. Shaking off what has distracted and distressed and detained me. Laying down lesser pursuits and running back to my first love. There aren’t enough hallelujahs. Not nearly enough.

I don’t know what God has been doing in your heart lately, but I can tell you what He hasn’t been doing – He hasn’t been making it fearful. Or anxious. Or hopeless. He has not made your heart believe that evil is winning.

Unbelief is doing that.

Stop chasing the storm and just sit with Him in His perfect peace. Let Him reveal what He’s doing in you. Let Him call you back from the chaos and stoke the flame in your heart for Him again. Let Him remind you that you are not in danger, you are fiercely loved by the God of heaven and earth and you belong in the consuming fire of His presence. Let Him give you back your voice, not so you can shout at the world, but so you can declare His truth and His praises and so you can prophesy to dry bones so they will live. Let Him shake you awake.

And then tell us about it, because we need to hear it.

…It’s not meant to be a secret.

8 thoughts on “something is changing and we need to hear about it

  1. Wow … same. Exact same. All of it. That draw to come closer and hear again is so strong that I have placed my career on hold for this season of sitting, listening, seeking and praying. Praying like never before.


  2. So good!! I have experienced a sense of urgency for prayer and warring in the spirit, which we are not taught. But, Holy Spirit is teaching me. We have victory in the battle, but we must partner with the Father in active prayer.

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  3. For me Karla it has been a call to daily prayer for the same people – family, church, friends, neighbours that began at the end of July 2019 and which in His grace I have been able to sustain for a year now. In recent months I have found God increasingly speaking to me in the night and through dreams.Sometimes it feels as if I have been awake all night with Him although my Fitbit tells me different. Something is changing. Something is happening.


    • Yes! I love knowing that on the other side of the ocean God has been calling someone back to prayer, and to be with Him in the night hours! Revival’s in the air!

      Also, it’s good to hear from you. Feels like I had lost touch with an old friend. I hope all is well with you and your family.

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      • Thank you Karla. It has been a rough year with losing Mum and one of my sisters. Otherwise we’re fine and surviving the whole Covid-19 lockdown, which has been quite strict in the UK. Things have been eased and we can at least travel and stay elsewhere overnight now, which means I am able to go and stay with my Dad who has had to adjust to life on his own at 89.

        How are you and your family doing?


      • I’m so sorry about so much loss this year, especially with the added difficulty of the lockdown. I can imagine how hard it must be for your dad.
        I and my family are doing well. We’ve all been tested for Covid at some point, and, thankfully, all tests were negative. I don’t think our lockdown has been as strict as yours, so I’m sure being able to travel and see your dad is a huge blessing!

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      • We’ve had no tests. But we live in a very rural county. One of our children had a random test. We don’t know anyone that has had Covid-19. Even my sister with her poor health tested negative twice. It was her scoliosis that robbed her of the ability to breath. Off to see Dad tomorrow so I get to see the sea again as well, which is a massive bonus (even if the weather forecast is bad)!

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