Marriage.  Just the mention of the word will elicit a variety of thoughts and emotions. Some good, some bad. Ever since our fall in the garden, marriage has been hard work, but it remains a good thing created by God.

Every marriage has a learning curve. We need time to discover how to live our lives joined to another person, a person who is often so very different than ourselves. And at some point, many of us need help to not only be married, but to stay married.

I am not a stranger to difficulty in marriage. Mine died and would have remained dead, but for the breath of God bringing restoration.  I believe God can transform any marriage, soften and change any heart, and take two people living in enmity into friendship and real love. I believe there is life and love possible in a marriage that has experienced anything — including anger, adultery, and enormous emotional pain. I believe this because I have lived it. Below are my testimony/teachings on the restoration of my own marriage.

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