I know why she kissed His feet

Luke 7:36-50

That story, the one about the woman with the alabaster jar of perfume, blows me away every time. It’s not so much because she reminds me of me, although she does. But so does that pharisee guy.

Today, it’s more that Jesus reminds me of Jesus.

The One who receives sinners and lets them cry all over His feet. The Jesus who knows the difference between someone who invites Him in because He’ll make them look good, and the one who risks humiliation because they know He is worthy of honor. The One who defends the weak, the shamed, the outcast, against those who look down on them.

Today, I read the story of the sinful woman who came to Jesus, and I found myself captivated by the One I love. I saw again that He is kind and He is good and He forgives even the many sins. He heals and delivers and saves broken people who are covered in their shame. He welcomes the unwanted, makes a place for the lonely and names us ‘friend’. He is hope in the absence of hope, love in the midst of accusation, and peace and rest to those who are weary from trying to save themselves. He gives purpose when there was only survival. He let’s us know that we are seen, we are known and we are loved. He defends us and strengthens us in our weakness. He hears our cries and He comes. He always comes. He carries our brokenness and He endured His cross and conquered death so that we could live. He is faithful and He is true and He has promised to come back for us. Woman Anointing Jesus Feet 2

So today I smiled as I wept.

Because I know why she kissed His feet.

And I wonder if you know.

4 thoughts on “I know why she kissed His feet

  1. I love this. I love this because you reminded me of the most important part of this Biblical account. Jesus. I see myself in the woman and the Pharisee, too, but thank you so much for helping me focus my eyes on HIM.


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