a worthy gospel

worthy of the gospel


“Let it be as becomes those who believe gospel truths, submit to gospel laws, and depend upon gospel promises; and with an answerable faith, holiness, and comfort. Let it be in all respects as those who belong to the kingdom of God among men, and are members and subjects of it.” – Matthew Henry Commentary

Jesus died so that I could live. He took all of my sin upon Himself so that I could be forgiven. He suffered so that He could defeat death and spend eternity with me.

The gospel is worthy of more than lying back in the grace of God, nestled in the assurance of forgiveness and the love that God has lavished upon me. It is worthy of more than claiming allegiance to a cross that I refuse to carry.

This gospel marks us, His Church, and it is worthy of more than our bickering and our offenses, our need to be seen and applauded. It is worthy of being a people who lay down their lives for Him, for one another and for the lost. It is worthy of taking the towel and washing the feet of our comrades. It is worthy of dropping our stones and choosing to love the worst of us.

Today, may we consider what manner of living is worthy of the gospel, and then live that way.

Lord, forgive us, and raise us up to be a people with a passion to live worthy of Your gospel.

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