new life

romans 6 4

Newness of life. We humans like newness. Fresh starts. Do overs. We purge our closets and our lives, resolve to change, to do better, we sign up, join up, and promise to not give up. But the problem with our own starting over, the newness we get by throwing out old stuff and old habits, is that it ends at some point. For most of us, our resolutions to change don’t last past the first month.

Every process devised by man to have new life  comes to an end, because nothing we can do for ourselves is eternal.

New life begins with a new heart, not a new routine. 


Lord, I want to walk in new life this year. I want to abandon the old ways of last year, ways that did not lead to life or to Your glory. I’m tired of settling for what I can do on my own, so I’m asking that You would revive my heart this year. I want a heart that remembers that on my own, I can do nothing, but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I want to lean on Your power and not my own, and I want to walk by Your Spirit, in Your ways, for Your glory. Thank You Lord, for new life.

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