“Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.” – Psalm 116:7

My soul gets restless. It wanders through the mundane places and the places of need and want and longing and becomes dissatisfied.

My soul gets overwhelmed. It feels the passing of time and the adventures not yet lived and all of the undone things and my soul wants more.

This morning, this scripture called out to my restless, overwhelmed soul and peace was mine again. Return to your rest, my soul. Remember His goodness to you. Remember that you are loved. Come, my soul, and consider all of the ways your Father has lavished you with love and blessings.

Find rest again, in the goodness of God.

pearlsI have a pearl necklace. I’m not a pearl necklace kind of girl, but this necklace isn’t jewelry for me. It’s rest for a restless soul. Every pearl represents a blessing, the ways that God has been good to me. From time to time I reach for that necklace, and let His goodness pass through my fingers one pearl at a time.

Today, count your pearls and let it return your soul to a place of rest.

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