what’s on the inside

He is not impressed by the strength of a horse;
He does not value the power of a man.
The Lord values those who fear Him,
those who put their hope in His faithful love.
– Psalm 147:10-11

strength-1Our outer world is not what is most delightful to God. Our displays of strength and fortitude do not move Him. Our positions of leadership, how hard we worked to get where we are, how much our shoulders can carry, how many times we get knocked down and get right back up. None of that impresses God.

stand-in-aweIt is our inner world that catches His eye. A heart that obeys Him out of reverence, that goes to its knees in awe and worship of His greatness and His power. A heart that trusts God’s love, no matter how big the storm, how desperate the times, how bleak the outlook. When our hope is firmly anchored in His mercy and loving-kindness, in a love that is faithful to His promises, our inner world will stand strong through anything that comes.

And that is where the delight of God is found.

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