resist the rabbit

As I was falling asleep one night recently, I got a picture in my head.

And I knew exactly what it meant, what I need to talk about, and who I need to talk to.

Primarily women. Mostly in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Maybe teens. Maybe seniors. Moms. Singles. Marrieds. You’ll know who you are in just a moment.

You see those dogs racing around that track? They are chasing something they will never catch. It’s put in front of them to motivate them to run as fast as they can. They don’t know they’ll never catch what they’re chasing.

Neither do you.

This comparison thing? That’s your racetrack. And you can just pick your rabbit. I bet you don’t even have to think about it. You know what it is. I’ll name a few, in case you need a prompt.

Looks, Finances, Clothes, Home, Husband/Boyfriend, Marriage, Children, Career, Ministry, Education, Gifting, Friends, Followers, Likes.

Is that enough? Can you find your rabbit yet? The thing that makes you feel less than or not enough? Whatever is making you work harder, run faster, buy more, do more, be more, so that you can finally feel like you aren’t losing. Trying to keep up with the latest trends, whether it’s what you hang on your wall or put on your kid, so that you aren’t in the back of the pack. The thing you chase, that always seems just a few more steps away.

Tell me. Have you ever caught that rabbit?

I wonder what would happen if you just stopped. Stopped racing and chasing. Left the track altogether. Seriously. Just walked away.

It’s highly unlikely that a group of anything chasing something will all stop at once. Whether it’s a pack of dogs or a generation of humans — someone has to stop chasing first. Others will follow.

It will take courage to be who you are without feeling like you should be more. To be okay with what you have. To celebrate your life as it is right here in this space of time. To relax with your flaws, your scars, your shabby without the chic.

To just be content.

Because whether we admit it or not, all that comparing just breeds discontent in us until we are compelled to the chase. But let me tell you, enough gazing over the fence and before long, who we are and what we have and who we have just isn’t enough. Don’t you know that’s where this chase is designed to go? To make us look around and conclude that there must be something better out there waiting for us. A better job, better house, better spouse, better marriage.

Don’t we know who’s holding the rabbit?

But I believe in you, Beloved. I believe that you are the generation to end the chase. I believe that you will see the rabbit for what it is. I believe that you will refuse to raise another generation of daughters who chase what cannot be caught. Daughters who cannot look in the mirror and see enough. Daughters who take the bait and enter a race they’ll never win.

I believe that you are the generation who will raise up women who fight for one another instead of compare one another. Women who would rather walk in authenticity than walk in someone else’s shoes. Women who know they are fearfully and wonderfully made, uniquely created, fully known and fully loved.

You can be the brave ones who will stop running. Who will turn around and walk away. Who will say enough. We are enough. 

We need you to be who you are, to fulfill the purpose God has for you. Just you. And the next generation needs to see you being you, so that they know it’s ok for them to be them. They need to see you resist giving chase to something you can’t catch, so that they know they can resist it too.

Resist the rabbit, dear ones. It will always outrun you.

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