4.21.17 – Blind Faith

April 21, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                    

This is for the one who has stood on barren ground, believing for a harvest. For the one waiting at the grave of a marriage, believing for a resurrection. The one who has watched and waited, ready to run to the prodigal. For those waiting for provision that has yet to arrive. For the one who hopes against all hope.

For all of the ones who cling to a cross they’ve never seen, trusting in wounds they’ve never touched.

Jesus knows. He has always known. As He stood there with Thomas, He pointed to you, to me, to all who have chosen to believe, sight unseen, that our Redeemer lives.

Don’t listen when someone tells you it doesn’t make sense, even if that someone is you. Pay no mind to anyone who tells you to turn around and move on. You may love the doubting Thomas(es) in your life, but do not follow them. Stay put. Keep trusting. Keep believing.

To the world around us, our blind faith looks foolish.

But to Jesus, it looks blessed.


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