to the sons, from a daughter

“Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love.” (1Corinthians 16:13-14)

 To the sons of the King, from His daughters. To those who have embarked, or are preparing to embark on the journey of marriage, allow me to speak to your heart, from the heart of His daughters everywhere.

~ Be on your guard. (This means be alert, and more literally, be awake.)

Life can become routine, and at times mundane. Please don’t let it lull you to sleep, which will lead to indifference and apathy. Stay hungry for Jesus. Keep watch on the wall with us, and for us. The devil never ceases to prowl, but you pose no threat to him if you are not awake. He is your enemy. We need you to be his. 

~ Stand firm in the faith. (To persevere. To be steadfast in the faith, by adherence to it.)

We beseech you – when compromise beckons you to step down from the high ground…stand firm. When the enemy tempts you to walk the easy, less demanding life of lukewarm faith…stand firm. When the winds of adversity are at gale force, making you want to turn and run…stand firm. We have committed ourselves to you, so where you go, we go with you.  We would much rather stand with you.

~ Be men of courage;  (The original language means “play the man”.) be strong. (That word means…be strong.)

Our world applauds men who think they are women. People pay money to see men  dress and act like women, and dedicate talk shows to men on their way to becoming women. The attack on masculinity has been vicious.

You are men, and we want you to be men. We want you to walk, talk, dress and act like men. Be brave and be strong. Be protective. Be fierce. Be warriors. Be secure enough to let us see you cry. Be nice to kittens and ruthless to spiders. Play the man.

~ Do everything in love.

You are watchful, fully awake. Your feet are firmly planted on the high ground of faith. You are strong and brave. And everything you do is governed by love.

You are the sons of the King, worthy of His daughters.

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