i remember – my soul longs for You

See, there is this yearning on its way. It comes in answer to prayer. A yearning for the more, the deeper, the overwhelmed by God. To long for Him. The wake me up in the middle of the night to speak with me kind of thing. The get out of my way I’m going to meet with Jesus thing that I can’t explain any better than that. That’s my yearning and it’s here, like waves hitting the shores — strong one minute and then it recedes, only to return bigger and stronger.

I asked for this yearning and I feel the urgency to grab it and live in it. Put it on like a robe and allow myself to simply long for more of Jesus everywhere I am.

In the morning, I want to have to extricate myself from His presence so I can go to work. I want to feel the pull and I want it to be strong. I want it to be hard to leave the Word of God, to leave our conversation, you know? 

At work, I want this longing to be the background in every conversation, every task. I’m sick to death of longing for lunchtime, or 5:00, or Friday or some thing. Silly longings that have no meaning except to a flesh soothed by silly things. 

I want to choose Him over my television, over social media, over myself, every single time. I want to wake in the night and seek His voice and have whispered talks with Him until I fall back to sleep.

I want to prefer time with Jesus more than anything else, and right now – I do not. Right now I enjoy being with Him, but my soul has not been yearning for Him. Longing to be with Him. But it’s coming. The waves are hitting the shore of my soul like I knew they would. Because I asked. I asked Him to call me back again to the longing place. 

I have been in His Word in preparation for leading others – in bible studies, in Lifegroup (small group), or in public speaking. But it’s been too long since I’ve come to His Word just to be with Him. Too much to do, for underlining and scribbling notes in the margins. No time for lingering, for the slow turn of pages waiting for Him to speak. Because He takes His time you know. He’s in no hurry. He’s not like me.

But this morning I came, in no rush. Nowhere else to be. I came and I opened a battered, torn, book where I have always found Him waiting for me. In familiar pages I breathed in and caught His breath and I remembered.

I remembered that I love Him and I miss Him and that He feels the same way about me.

I remembered that there is nothing on earth that comes close to soothing my soul like time spent with Him here, in slow turning pages worn from seasons of longing. 

I remembered that I learned the sound of His voice here in this book. I learned who He is here and who I am and that I haven’t learned it all.

I remembered that this is where I sit at the feet of Jesus. It’s where I learned to pray and where I learned to worship. I remembered that this is where I found truth and learned my worth.

I remembered that the nearness of His presence found in these worn pages has no rival. 

And I remembered that being with Him makes me long to be with Him.

I pray you remember that your soul longs for Him.

4 thoughts on “i remember – my soul longs for You

  1. Hi Karla –
    Sent this to my younger sis, Theresa, the family member who pursued me to say yes to Jesus. That was some 34 years ago! We call each other “Dearest”.

    This is Theresa’s response:
    DEAREST !!!
    AMEN and AMEN 🙌🙌

    Just last night, as I was preparing for today… the strongest most beautiful thought “engulfed my soul”….
    I , truely , hate more than anything … to realize …I HAVE TO REMOVE MYSELF FROM MY “ALONE” TIME WITH HIM !!
    I know HE is with me always… but just the place where HIM and I are alone together, I hate to leave that place!!!☹️… it is like truly missing and longing for the “GREATEST LOVER” I have ever known…
    and I cannot wait to be with him again , ALONE!!!

    I believe, Beautiful Karla … has nailed it putting it in the most beautiful words!!
    Thank you Dearest, I will cherish this always, as I continue to anticipate the day I will see our Jesus face-to-face!!🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️

    I continue to share your blogs & teachings with my sphere of influence.
    You are way more than inspiring…
    Mary Anne

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