genesis 11: rebellion

He told them to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth. Instead, they migrated together and decided to build a city and a tower, so that they would not be scattered over the earth.

So God scattered them over the earth.

Because nothing – no city, no tower, no people, no rebellion, will stop God’s plans and purposes.

Think of the Israelites and their shiny golden calf. Their grumbling and complaining and refusal to trust God. It took 40 years and the death of a generation, but He got His people to the promised land.

Think Jonah. Sent to Ninevah. Went the other way. Big fish swallows him. He went to Ninevah.

Remember Saul. Chosen by God to be king. Hiding in the baggage hoping not to be seen. But God saw him. Saul was anointed as king.

Another Saul, killing the Church. God knocked him down then picked him up and used him to build that same Church.

So, who do you know that’s living in rebellion, running from God, building their own tower? Have you despaired? Have you given up? Don’t. Get up and get yourself before the throne of God and continue to intercede for them and believe God for them.

Think of you and me. Rebels all the way. But look at us now – children of God. Because our rebellion did not stop Him from coming for us.

Thank You, Jesus. Just, thank You.

Exodus 32; Jonah; 1st Samuel 10:20-24; Acts 9

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