genesis 18: impossible

{Side note: Sarah laughed to herself. And yet, her laugh was heard. We should bear in mind that God hears what we keep others from hearing. He hears our unbelief even when we don’t speak it out loud.}

To Sarah, God’s promise had been delayed so long, it was no longer possible. However, where no time frame has been given, there can be no delay. It isn’t until now that God has put timing to His promise.

God does not wait for something to become possible. Possible is what we can do. God moves in the realm of what is impossible for us.

Sarah had no idea that a 99-year-old woman could get pregnant and give birth. To think she could would have been crazy thinking. Ludicrous. No less crazy than if we believed it could happen today.

God’s ok with that. He doesn’t care if we think something is impossible for us.

As long as we believe that it’s not impossible for Him.

There is a little girl named Eva Love. She has a traumatic brain injury and right now thousands of people from all over the world are praying for what doctors think is impossible. They also didn’t believe that she would keep breathing when they removed the breathing tube, but there she is, breathing strong on her own!

God is doing something with Eva Love, and the Church is watching and waiting and believing Him. You should join us.

Dugan Sherbondy Page

From Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21, God demonstrates that nothing is impossible for Him.

We live in a world that has clear boundaries around what is possible, and much of the world lives within those boundaries. But we are not the world. We are children of the God who lives outside the boundaries. We are children of the God who brings forth life from wombs that cannot birth life, and who heals what cannot be healed.

May the children of God believe their Father for impossible things today.

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