genesis 25: story

I put myself into the first part of this chapter, just for a few minutes, to stand at a funeral. I felt the sadness over Abraham’s death, and so tender to see him buried with Sarah. Standing at a distance watching Isaac & Ishmael bury their father was so touching and felt like such a private moment that I was privileged to watch. Abraham is such a large figure to both the Jewish people and to Christians, so seeing this larger-than-life man breathe his last felt sobering.

{a reminder that our earthly lives are but a breath, but our stories echo on for generations to come – a reminder to mind your story more than your years}

Birthright. Ancient word we don’t use in our world these days. But it meant something then and it means something now.

Because Esau had a birthright and the Jesus people have a birthright and did you know a birthright can be given up? Sold for something temporary. Thought little of when our hearts are bent toward earthly filling. Devalued when there is a carnal itch that is so easily scratched.

There is a LOT to this birthright thing, but I am neither knowledgable enough, nor inclined enough to dive into that topic too deeply. Maybe someday, but not today. Today, it is enough for me to ponder this small revelation –

{esau is a warning for me when material blessings that I want, become elevated above the spiritual blessings I have been given}

I want to mind my story more than my years, and I want my story to be that I knew the value of belonging to my Father, and that I preferred hunger over being filled with what the world could offer. A story that tells of what was lost and what was found and a longing for Jesus that could not be quenched by any earth-bound thing.

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