Declaration & Praise: Day 10

“I am at rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I will never be shaken.” – Psalm 62:1-2

They say “no rest for the weary”, but I declare truth today. There is a place of true rest, where striving stops and fear has to wait outside. In God, my body, mind and soul come to a place of rest. In His presence I can stop running.

Today, my feet are on the rock of my salvation, and will not be moved. As the earth shakes, my rock holds steady and I remain unshaken. Jesus is the firm place for me to stand, the strong, steady place for heart to rest. I am surrounded by His love and His grace and in Him I am safe from all that desires to consume me.

Today I will stand with my feet on my Rock. Today I will take refuge in my Stronghold. Today I will not be shaken.

Whatever I will walk through today, I will rest in God.

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