40 days of truth: Day 3

it’s not good to be alone

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.

Genesis 2:18

Two were created because man alone was the very first thing God declared to be not good. So He made a woman.

{And a woman alone is also not good. That’s implied, don’t you think?}

Humans were not created for isolation or aloneness. We were made for togetherness.

It is a truth to declare because otherwise we will fall for the lie that we are better off on our own.

That being an introvert means my desire to be alone is God given.

When what is actually God given the most is a need for others.

I don’t think He meant that times of being alone are not good. Those, I think we can all agree, are absolutely necessary for our mental health. And the health of the others. At least my others.

He meant a life alone. An existence spent isolated. Separated.

Not just a life without people around, but a life disconnected.

We can be in a room full of others but still have a heart that keeps itself alone.

That is part of the not good.

We can be surrounded, but still insist on doing it ourself. Not asking for help. Needing no one. Being the strong one so that we don’t look like the weak one. Or the one who imposes on others. Bothersome. Needy.

And I am prone to the not good. I am drawn to that which is not good because I prefer alone, where the expectations are really quite low. Alone feels safe to me.

But I was not made to be that kind of safe. I was designed for the risk. Literally designed to make what was not good, good. To end the aloneness of someone else, and keep me from what is not good for me.

So I must declare truth because it reminds me to live truth. To let others in. To press past what feels safe, and into the risk. To move toward when I want to step away. To open my heart even when it wishes to be left alone.

To embrace the truth that it is not good be alone.

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