genesis 13: strife

“Let there be no strife between you and me, and between your herdsmen and my herdsmen, for we are kinsmen." Strife: Contention. Struggle. Fight. Discord. Abraham was unwilling to allow there to be strife, because they were family. But then he goes further. Aaagh. So much we could learn from Abraham. He was so peace-minded that … Continue reading genesis 13: strife

genesis 10: origins

"These are the generations of the sons of Noah..." Just nine words. Words that no doubt most of us just skim past. But you and I are in those words. Generations. Sons of Noah. Japheth: Often referred to as the Father of Europeans. His descendants were French, German, Celtic, Russian, and Spanish, among others. Some … Continue reading genesis 10: origins

on the other side of parenting and the rhythm of peace

I love my children. Love being their mom. I just wish I had listened when my own mother kept telling me how quickly the time would fly. I wish I had understood that here, on the other side of mothering, I would want every memory I could get. It seems our days were made up … Continue reading on the other side of parenting and the rhythm of peace