Forty Days of Praying the Word of God: Day 27

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.”

Psalm 127:3

Lord, today I pray for our children, and I hardly know where to begin. My heart is grieving, as must Yours be.

Father, I pray for repentance to sweep this nation for the blood of the innocent we have spilled through abortion. I pray that You will turn the tide that we cannot turn, Lord, and You will put an end to the abomination of killing our unborn. I pray that You would move, by Your Spirit, upon every woman contemplating an abortion right now, changing her heart and her mind. I pray that the demand for abortions would be eliminated, so that the suppliers will fall away. And I lift up to You all who have had abortions, and I pray salvation, mercy and healing over them. Would You pour out Your grace upon the mothers and the fathers, and lead them to their own surrender.

I come against the schemes of the enemy against our children through transgenderism, and I pray for Your truth to reign victorious in this battle. Lord, protect this generation from the mutilation being done to them. I pray again for repentance to come – to parents, to doctors, to all who advocate for evil, thinking it is good. I pray that You would lift the veil of deception and expose the works of the devil.

I pray for our children living in neglect and abuse and I ask that You would cover them. I pray that You will be their great Defender, their Comforter, and their Deliverer.

I pray for the children living with hunger and ask that You would open Your hand to them and satisfy their physical hunger, emotional hunger, and spiritual hunger.

I pray for those who are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, and I ask that You would intervene on their behalf. I pray You will send forth Your light, and lead them out of darkness, and into Your presence. I pray for healing for mental illnesses, for physical disease, and for the emotional trauma that our children are suffering.

Father, would You surround our children, and shield them from what the enemy has planned for them. I declare that You are a God of generations, and that You have a destiny for every child. Would You set a guard over each of those destinies, and would You turn this war for our children back on the enemy.

And I pray that all of this would be accomplished through Your great power, working in and through Your Church. May we continue to step up to the front lines and speak Your truth, and be Your hands and feet, and Your heart of love for these broken ones. Empower Your people to become a force against the darkness that wants to destroy a generation.

In the mighty Name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

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