Declaration & Praise: Day 15

Jesus, You are…


God with us. In the garden. In the cloud and in the fire. On the mountain. In the storm. At the cross. In us. Your Name is Immanuel, and You are with me.

Good Shepherd

You lead, protect, and provide for those who are Yours. You go in search of the wanderers and bring them home. In green pastures, still waters, and the valley of the shadow of death I trust Your goodness.


Messiah. Lamb of God. Taking my guilt and my shame, enduring the wrath that should have been mine. You have saved me to the uttermost, through and through, now and forever, and You will raise me up on the last day to live forever with You. You are Savior and I am saved and it shall not be undone.

Faithful & True

No guile. No deceit. No shadows. No changing, no going back on Your word. Utterly and completely faithful. My covenant keeper. Above suspicion. You are faithful and You are true and I will not fear You to be otherwise.


Solid ground. Firm foundation. Unmoving. Unshakable and unbreakable. No shifting ways, no sinking sand. You are my Rock, my higher ground, and the safe place on which I stand.

Lion and Lamb

Worthy to open the scroll. The perfect, unblemished sacrifice of atonement. Conqueror of death. Lion of Judah. Majestic and final King of all kings. Lamb slain for me and now King of my heart.

You are…

Both the mercy and the justice of God, poured out upon the sin-filled earth. You are the only way, the only truth and the only life. Manna from heaven, bread of life. You are the light that took away my darkness, the living water that took my thirst. The healer of my heart, lover of my soul and the very image of my Father.

My everything. All in all. The Name above every single other name.

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