Declaration & Praise: Day 14

It’s been a tussle of late, a throwdown with the enemy. We’ve given each other the stink eye, circling around, and then he got me on the ropes of fear, anxiety and overwhelming sadness. But recently, I came off those ropes and I came off swinging. On one of my walks I began to declare who Jesus is, speaking truth that my soul needed to remember. I chose to trade in flesh thinking for Spirit thinking, and it made a difference.

You are my King

I will not bow to fear. I will not bow to the lies the enemy is whispering. I will bow only to You, to Your sovereign will, to Your Lordship over me and mine. Against all else I will take my stand of trust in You.

You are my Peace

I will not relinquish my peace by taking the fear and anxiety being offered to me. I will not allow the problem before me to become greater than the peace within me, nor will I seek peace from any outside force.

You are my Truth

I will not look anywhere other than Your Word for truth. I will not take a stand on any other ground.

You are good

Who You are is good and what You do is good. I will not fear from You unkindness or ambivalence. No matter what I see in front of me, I will trust Your goodness.

You are mighty

Whatever needs to be turned, You can turn it. Whatever requires power beyond me, You have that power. Minds, hearts, lives – can all be changed, because nothing can prevail against You.

You are my Hope

My hope is in You and not in an outcome. I will place all of my expectations in You, not in anyone else. What others think, do, or say will not sway me from the hope I have in You.

You are sovereign and Your purposes will always prevail

No matter the plans of man, Your purpose will not be thwarted. You will have Your way, in Your time. I will rest in Your sovereignty.

With these and many more declarations, my faith rose up against my fear, and I am now playing offense instead of defense.

Run devil, run.

6 thoughts on “Declaration & Praise: Day 14

  1. Numerous times I printout your teachings and speak them aloud back to The Father. Your wisdom is a rushing stream of God’s power as you stated in Basileia blog dated 6/20/21 …
    “I pray that what we say will be accompanied by demonstrations of power so that no faith will rest on us and our “wisdom”, but upon the power of God alone.”

    Karla, what does 1624 Ministries mean? Did the name change from Out Of Eden Ministries?

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    • Hi mamahaskins! Thank you for the encouragement, and I am so glad you are being encouraged as well. Boy o’ boy, I’ve gone through a number of name changes, huh? lol. Yes, I’ve changed it from Out of Eden Ministries to 1624 Ministries (with a couple of names in between), as I have sensed a new focus on the mission. 1624 comes from Matthew 16:24. My desire is to help the body of Christ (including myself) live this out, making our lives more about Him than about us.


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