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why christians aren’t reading the bible

{Disclaimer:  Everything I've written below pertains to those who claim to follow Christ.} After taking a poll, and from my own experience, the top 3 reasons Christians give for not reading the Bible are: I don't understand what I'm reading. I don't have time. It's not relevant to our culture today. They seem like reasonable… Continue reading why christians aren’t reading the bible

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i need Jesus (my prayer for deeper)

"I need 2018 to be different." That's what I said to God in the last hours of 2017. I said it to Him because I know it's pointless to say it to myself. With age comes experience and I have experienced enough broken promises to myself, so I've stopped making them. Promises. Resolutions. Whatever. They… Continue reading i need Jesus (my prayer for deeper)


looking back then looking ahead

I don't know how to start. Or maybe it's that I don't know how to end. I'm not good at simply waving bye to a whole year of my life and starting a new year just like that. I need closure. Perhaps a few tears. Reminiscing must happen or I won't be able to close… Continue reading looking back then looking ahead

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uncovering our unbelief

"So He was not able to do any miracles there, except that He laid His hands on a few sick people and healed them. And He was amazed at their unbelief." - Mark 6:5 And I marvel at the power of unbelief, to be able to hinder the miracles of God. To my knowledge, scripture mentions nothing else… Continue reading uncovering our unbelief