Forty Days of Praying the Word of God: Day 18

“From the tents of God’s people come shouts of victory: “The LORD is powerful!””

Psalm 118:15

“But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

1 Corinthians 15:57

Lord, You are our victorious God! I pray that joy will fill Your people today as we celebrate Your victory over death and the grave. I pray that heaven will hear the shouts of victory coming from the Church today, for by Your power You have risen Christ from the dead and You will raise us from death by that same power!

I lift up those in Your family who are living defeated today, and I ask for a fresh breath of Your Spirit to fill them Lord, for a fresh revelation that their God is a victorious God and therefore, we are a victorious people. I pray that any mindset of defeat would be changed to a mindset of victory by a revelation of Your power. I pray that all who feel conquered by life right now would be reminded that they are more than conquerors in Christ, and that You always lead Your people in a triumphal procession, for our Christ is always and continuously triumphant! I pray that this will not just be a vague spiritual concept, but will become a truth rooted deep within Your people, Lord.

Stir joy in Your people today, joy that will last past the day. I pray the disciples’ joy upon seeing their risen Lord would be ours. I pray that as the eyes of their understanding opened to the truth, so will ours. I pray that just as joy overtook their mourning, joy will overtake ours.

Father, I pray that Your people will fight from victory and not for it, because we have placed our trust in You, our God of victory. May our faith increase in this hour, Lord. May we stand firm, trusting that You are victorious, trusting that You have overcome. Wake us up Lord, to the truth of Your victorious, undefeatable nature.

Today, I pray that the darkness will quake at the sound of shouts of victory resounding from the tents of God’s people! I pray that from this point on, we will not cower in fear of defeat, in fear of being overcome by evil, in fear of death. I pray we will rise up as the victorious, overcoming people of the one true God, the God who conquered death and the grave, who rescued us from the dominion of darkness and who leads us in His triumphal procession!

Thank You, victorious One!

In Your Name I pray. Amen.

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