40 days of truth: day 18

He Is Worthy

 “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing!”

Revelation 5:12

The One who was slain.

The perfect Lamb, sacrificed for my sin.

Heaven’s Son, who came to bring me back to the Father.

He is worthy.

Every earthly thing that claims my attention.

Every accolade, every crown, every platform.

All of my allegiance.

Every ounce of devotion.

The first of all I have and all I am.

Every idol I am reluctant to cast down.

He is worthy.

Every song. Every bow of my head and bend of my knee. Every raise of my hands and confession of my tongue.

Every shout of praise, whispered prayer of thanksgiving, every groan of my spirit and reach for His hem, and every cry of faith.

He is worthy of all that is within me.

Because He is the King of kings who conquered death and the grave and the devil.

Because He is almighty God with no beginning, no end, and no rival.

And when this world gets hard and suffering comes and I am tempted to look for what is easy and what costs the least, I will remember.

He is worthy of every trial, every bit of suffering I may endure. He is worthy of my life. Of every breath He chooses to give me.

So I will remember truth so that I can walk in truth.

Many things will claim to be worthy to take from me.

But Jesus is the only One worthy.

To Him, I gladly give it all.

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